Die Obiger Galaxis:

Maria Anwander • Ruben Aubrecht • Claudia Balsters und Hannah Goldstein • Antje Blumenstein • Anne Brannys • Alke Brinkmann • Claudia Busching • Martin Dörbaum • Cécile Dupaquier • Lara Faroqhi • Saeed Foroghi • Anne Gathmann • Nathalie Grenzhaeuser • Harriet Groß • Philipp Hennevogl • Peter Hock • Katrin Jaquet • Anne Kaminsky • Petra Karadimas • Julia Kissina • Achim Kobe • Andreas Koch • Gabriele Künne • Leyre Lassierra Viguri • Jorge Lopes • Wolfgang Matzat • Alexander Menegotto • Thomas Monses • Matthias Moravek • Rainer Neumeier • Oliver Neumann • Enrico Niemann • Jennifer Oellerich • Kristina Popov • Frederik Poppe • Mariel Poppe • Heinz Pranter • Stefan Roigk • Maja Rohwetter • Miguel Rothschild • Nadja Schöllhammer • Stefan Schwarzmüller • Zuzanna Zita Skiba • Hans-Peter Stark • Craig Stewart • Petra Tödter • Dagmar Tränkle • Lukas Troberg • Anke Voelk • Nicole Wendel • Elmar Zimmermann • Christof Zwiener

Ausstellung 26. März – 29. April 2022

Eröffnung am Freitag, den 25. März 2022, 17 – 22 Uhr Ausstellungsführungen am 16. und 23. April, 18 – 19 Uhr Finissage am Freitag, den 29. April, 18 – 23 Uhr

Axel Obiger – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst Brunnenstrasse 29 10119 Berlin Germany


Group show

both at Studio 8 Berlin from 11.09.21 to 02.10.21

and KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin from 15.09.21 to 19.09.21 on the occasion of 30 Jahre KW

Also labelled under various further (sub-)titles the exhibition is shaped around topics like camaraderie, respect, curiosity, haphazardness. The catalogue which accompanies the two shows illustrates the individual works of the participants and is backed with an essay by theorists and curators Léon Kruijswijk and Sarah Wessel. It is available at the venues and at KW bookshop.


Solo show at Studio 2o46 Berlin

Studio 2o46

Verein zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Kunst, Teilestraße 11-17, 12099 Berlin, Tor 3, Hof 1, Aufgang D, 5.Etage

Open on 10.10.2020 4-9 PM
and 17.10.2020 3-6 PM
and 12.10.-16.10.2020 by appointment

ASYMMETRYOFUS-Elmar Zimmermann

Spearhead Phantasmatic

07.11. – 14.11. 2015
Kopernikustrasse 10 10245 Berlin

Elmar Zimmermann - Spearhead Phantasmatic



Céline Adamo Elmar Zimmermann #2
24.11.2013 – 19.01.2014
Kunstverein Schwäbisch Hall
Am Markt 7/8 74523 Schwäbisch Hall

In the composition of her works, the painter Céline Adamo addresses moments of pictorial creation. They are exclusively made with lacquer paints, and are created according to different frameworks she has devised simultaneously and constantly in interdependence. Some paintings she realizes in a few minutes, others develop in a process lasting up to several years. Elmar Zimmermann, in his works, recalls established modes of our pictorial traditions, associates them in an incisive new way, and improvises both precious objects and entire spaces of perception. In doing so, he does not care about responsibilities and thus also questions the “job profile professional artist” as such. From their Berlin studios, the two edit a lucid dialogue reduced to a substantial visual installation: sober but not dry.

A catalog brochure will be published to accompany and complement the exhibition. The artist designed split catalog with 40 illustrations Céline Adamo Elmar Zimmermann #2 is available at Kunstverein Schwäbisch Hall.