5th International Lantern Festival:

Shenanigans @ Heijala-Land

Langhanstr.71 – 13086 Berlin – Opening Friday 11th Nov 18.00 – The festival takes place at a public garden created by the awarded neighbourhood initiative who turned an area defined by a fallow and a dangerous crossing of three streets into a place. The show only lasts 48hrs, hope you can make it!

With contributions by David Edward Allen . Lucio Auri . George Barber . Quirin Bäumler . Geeske Bikjer . Stefan Bohnhoff . Jean Baptiste Bouvet . Clara Brörmann . Birte Bosse . Joachim Cossais . Rie + Moe Cermann . Jeremy + Kyra A/H . Kuno Ebert . Berta Fischer . Dennis Fuchs . Birgit Moeller + Nora Feldman . Florian Gass . Mani Hammer . Michael Graessner . Gotcha Gosalishvili . Björn Geipel . John Hodany . Mathilde Ter Heijne . Michelle Howard . Ulrich Hakel . Jeroen Jacobs . Maud Janecke . Florian Japp . Jennifer Jordan . Susanne Kohler . Klaus Kamptner . Michael Kirkham . Karo Kreisel . Susanne Kunkel . Jonas Lipps . Kathi Maurer . Jerry McGettrich . Richard Neal . Jens Nippert . Anders Hellsten Nissen . Hester Oerlemans . Mirja Reuter . Carlos Silva . Raaf van der Sman . Sailor + Razor . Dominik Steiner . Katia Sternel . Stefan Thater + Kamilla Bischof . Vincent Tavenne . Lars Monrad Vaage . Witte Wartena . Annette Weisser . Beate Maria Würz . Amelie v. Wulffen . Ina Weber . Elmar Zimmermann … and many more

Blind Vision

Group show initiated and realized by Matthias Mayer und Maik Schierloh in cooperation with Treptow-Ateliers e.V. – from 11.11.22 to 13.11.22 – Wilhelminenhofstr. 83-85 12459 Berlin –

…an atmosphere of departure or dependency in an alternative and avant-garde sense. For others, it was merely a projection surface for profane economic interests pushed by global market events. There was never a vision for all. This blind vision is now reflected in a place of action. …deceptive, the awakening already sits in the neck, like a drug that slowly loses its effect. Because it all ends, and without romanticism. The artists soon have to go back to their nomadic way. Only that they are not nomadic… What could become, what could be? Why is it a blind vision?

All Curators Are Bastards


Group show curated by Tim Cierpiszewski with works by

Marie Athenstaedt / Jérôme Chazeix / Tim Cierpiszewski / DAG / Manuela Fersen / Wilhelm Frederking / Ricarda Hoop / Andreas Keil / Martina Klein / Nina Maria Küchler / Onc Ysh / Jana Mertens / Mike Okay / Marten Schech / Franz Schmidt / Eva Schnitt / Stefan Schwarzer / Elisabeth Sonneck / Frederic Spreckelmeyer / Janine Tobüren / Elmar Zimmermann


September 30th – October 2nd 2022

PILOTENKUECHE / international art program / Franz-Flemming-Str. 9 / 04179 Leipzig


Group show

both at Studio 8 Berlin from 11.09.21 to 02.10.21

and KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin from 15.09.21 to 19.09.21 on the occasion of 30 Jahre KW

Also labelled under various further (sub-)titles the exhibition is shaped around topics like camaraderie, respect, curiosity, haphazardness. The catalogue which accompanies the two shows illustrates the individual works of the participants and is backed with an essay by theorists and curators Léon Kruijswijk and Sarah Wessel. It is available at the venues and at KW bookshop.


Solo show at

Studio 2o46

Verein zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Kunst

Teilestraße 11-17 | 12099 Berlin

Open on 10.10.2020 4-9 PM
and 17.10.2020 3-6 PM
and 12.10.-16.10.2020 by appointment

ASYMMETRYOFUS-Elmar Zimmermann

Spearhead Phantasmatic

07.11. – 14.11. 2015
Kopernikustrasse 10 10245 Berlin

Elmar Zimmermann - Spearhead Phantasmatic



Céline Adamo Elmar Zimmermann #2
24.11.2013 – 19.01.2014
Kunstverein Schwäbisch Hall
Am Markt 7/8 74523 Schwäbisch Hall

In the composition of her works, the painter Céline Adamo addresses moments of pictorial creation. They are exclusively made with lacquer paints, and are created according to different frameworks she has devised simultaneously and constantly in interdependence. Some paintings she realizes in a few minutes, others develop in a process lasting up to several years. Elmar Zimmermann, in his works, recalls established modes of our pictorial traditions, associates them in an incisive new way, and improvises both precious objects and entire spaces of perception. In doing so, he does not care about responsibilities and thus also questions the “job profile professional artist” as such. From their Berlin studios, the two edit a lucid dialogue reduced to a substantial visual installation: sober but not dry.

A catalog brochure will be published to accompany and complement the exhibition. The artist designed split catalog with 40 illustrations Céline Adamo Elmar Zimmermann #2 is available at Kunstverein Schwäbisch Hall.

Twisted Standards

5 October 2010. With “Twisted Standards”, the Kienzle Art Foundation continues its series of exhibitions custom-tailored to the exhibition space. Based on the initiative of the Berlin collector Jochen Kienzle, whose both extensive and specific inventory of art since the 1960s forms the footing, the Kienzle Art Foundation has been dedicated to the public communication of art in the form of exhibitions, publications, and lectures.

“Twisted Standards” features two artists who are prominently present in the collection. They are Emilio Prini (born in 1943) and Elmar Zimmermann (born in 1976).

Jochen Kienzle has set himself the goal of investigating even marginalized and quasi-forgotten or little known positions and putting them up for discussion. In this respect this event is logical and: different.

Curated by Daniel Kletke. A publication accompanies “Show 2.” It appears as a large poster, presented as hardcover bound leporello with images and German / English texts. Available at Kienzle Art Foundation.


Hof has been a room at Bielefelder Kunstverein in 2009. I conceived it for the duration of one exhibition upon an invitation by Thomas Thiel. The temporary and specific installation was built up of the works Wappen and Schlitten as of chosen examples from the Artothek des Bielefelder Kunstvereins. This pretty representative picture-lending library – founded in 1978 – consists of multiple artworks, mainly prints. It was practically out of use at that time – due to local loss of interest. This then changed.

installation at Bielefelder Kunstverein  2009

felt sewn on stretcher  200 x 200 cm  2008

used laths and several framed pictures  90 x 240 x 65 cm  2009

From the Artothek des Bielefelder Kunstvereins: Horst Antes, Joseph Beuys, Felix Droese, Franz Eggenschwiler, Günther Förg, Günter Fruhtrunk, Dan Graham, Wenzel Hablik, Otto Herbert Hajek, Erwin Heerich, Thomas Huber, Horst Janssen, Gustav Kluge, Kurt Kranz, Vlado Kristl, Kaspar Thomas Lenk, Richard Lindner, El Lissitzky, Dieter Lott, Heinz Mack, Willy Maywald, Heiner Meyer, Lowell Nesbitt, Anna Oppermann, Petit Frère, Rainer Pöhlitz, Bernhard Prinz, Man Ray, Gerhard Richter, Alexander Rodtschenko, Dieter Roth, Sarah Schumann, Almir da Silva Mavignier, Elmar Stobinski, Georg Tappert, André Thomkins, Timm Ulrichs, Stefan Wewerka