Festival Shirts (from the outskirts)

Festival Shirts-Elmar Zimmermann

cloth/collected painter’s rag sewn together 130x210x10cm 2023

Contribution to the showcasing of brand new obscure fashion label Uffda at Stabbursfrieri  Leveld Kunstfestival in Norway. Some kind of Tree-shirt. Drop cloth rags closed/sewn together, festival shirts within the scope of unwearable cloths.

Festival Shirts-Elmar Zimmermann
Festival Shirts-Elmar Zimmermann


cloth/collected painter’s rag 118x88cm 2016


cloth/collected painter’s rags snell 68x64cm 2018

Elmar Zimmermann - Campfire


cloth/collected painter’s rags sewn together 245x196cm 2013


Mallappen II

Cloth/collected painter’s rags snell 163x152cm 2008

Elmar Zimmermann - Mallappen


found painting cut into pieces and reconfigured 85x85cm 2008

This work has been part of Hans-Jürgen Hafner’s difference, what difference? Art Forum Berlin in 2008 as of Max Mayer’s Stand und Gestaltung Kunstverein St. Pauli in 2009.



found painting from 1956 cut into pieces and reconfigured 75x65cm 2007

Elmar Zimmermann - Drache