cloth/collected painter’s rag 118x88cm 2016


cloth/collected painter’s rags snell 68x64cm 2018

Elmar Zimmermann - Campfire

Twisted Standards

5 October 2010. With “Twisted Standards”, the Kienzle Art Foundation continues its series of exhibitions custom-tailored to the exhibition space. Based on the initiative of the Berlin collector Jochen Kienzle, whose both extensive and specific inventory of art since the 1960s forms the footing, the Kienzle Art Foundation has been dedicated to the public communication of art in the form of exhibitions, publications, and lectures.

“Twisted Standards” features two artists who are prominently present in the collection. They are Emilio Prini (born in 1943) and Elmar Zimmermann (born in 1976).

Jochen Kienzle has set himself the goal of investigating even marginalized and quasi-forgotten or little known positions and putting them up for discussion. In this respect this event is logical and: different.

Curated by Daniel Kletke. A publication accompanies “Show 2.” It appears as a large poster, presented as hardcover bound leporello with images and German / English texts. Available at Kienzle Art Foundation.


found painting cut into pieces and reconfigured 85x85cm 2008

This work has been part of Hans-Jürgen Hafner’s difference, what difference? Art Forum Berlin in 2008 as of Max Mayer’s Stand und Gestaltung Kunstverein St. Pauli in 2009.



found painting from 1956 cut into pieces and reconfigured 75x65cm 2007

Elmar Zimmermann - Drache