American Spirit

Tasche 001 (American Spirit) — plastic, satin fabric approx. 75x27x9 cm 2023

This tailored to the human size sculpture is to be carried. With any content you want to wander around with. The shopper shown here is the first and the beginning of a series of unique pieces.

Take inspiration from this little afternoon stroll. Make this fashion piece a statement accessoir, and wear it on credibility street. On Ku’damm, Champs-Elysées and the likes it will certainly suit you too…

You can purchase your very own American Spirit shopper bag (Tasche 00X) here:

Festival Shirts (from the outskirts)

Festival Shirts-Elmar Zimmermann

cloth/collected painter’s rag sewn together 130x210x10cm 2023

Contribution to the showcasing of brand new obscure fashion label Uffda at Stabbursfrieri  Leveld Kunstfestival in Norway. Some kind of Tree-shirt. Drop cloth rags closed/sewn together, festival shirts within the scope of unwearable cloths.

Festival Shirts-Elmar Zimmermann
Festival Shirts-Elmar Zimmermann


aluminium, wire, led-lights 65x18x20cm 2022

views at 5th International Lantern Festival and in private collection above the roofs of Berlin

#* (Abschnitt-Bruch)

MDF relief 77x72x6cm 2019

Elmar Zimmermann - #* - Abschnitt Bruch

“No hash, no star, no swastika, no picture, no frame, no seal, no shield, no token, no sign, no angle the same, no symbol to name. The shifting eyes just see – some thing.” (EZ)


4c-Risography Ed. 30 42×30 cm 2020


The work is one recent result of my artistic practice in the use of the useless, of leftovers, bycatch, findings.

Earlier this year, when all together everyone at home, I started to use the most powerless tool I could find on my computer: MS Paint—which still comes with Windows. This is a very simple pixel-based painting tool. I put up a tiny canvas in oktavo ratio and placed some of the program’s template icons—carefully choosing their position and colour, in just using the standard palette.

I liked the result, but did not stop there.

The weakness of pixels is the resolution. I wanted my picture to be defined and sharp, so I translated it into a vector graphic. The picture now is rendered in mathematic curves—no more fuzzy pixel-stairs, but it is infinitely scalable. Throughout this transfer the forms on the canvas became more fluid, the shapes formerly put one on top of the other were melting and connecting.

To bring this abstract thing into everyday life I chose to render it in Riso—a digital printing technique with high quality inks. So my processed picture found its place on warm sheets of paper as a screen print.

There are still some prints available. Get your #Paint here:

Abschnitt – Bruch

MDF ­reliefs 36×8,5x2cm 48×13,5×3,5cm 54x12x3,5cm 76×13,5x5cm 66,5×16,5×3,5cm 87,5×11,5x4cm 33×6,5x4cm 57x15x4,5cm 68×14,5×6,5cm 59x11x4cm 66×10,5×3,5cm 2019


cloth/collected painter’s rag 118x88cm 2016


cloth/collected painter’s rags snell 68x64cm 2018

Elmar Zimmermann - Campfire


cloth/collected painter’s rags sewn together 245x196cm 2013


% (fig.)

felt cloth sewn on stretcher 164x132cm 2012

Elmar Zimmermann - fig.%


Digital print Edition 10 31x25cm (framed) 2010

Elmar Zimmermann - ID

Twisted Standards

5 October 2010. With “Twisted Standards”, the Kienzle Art Foundation continues its series of exhibitions custom-tailored to the exhibition space. Based on the initiative of the Berlin collector Jochen Kienzle, whose both extensive and specific inventory of art since the 1960s forms the footing, the Kienzle Art Foundation has been dedicated to the public communication of art in the form of exhibitions, publications, and lectures.

“Twisted Standards” features two artists who are prominently present in the collection. They are Emilio Prini (born in 1943) and Elmar Zimmermann (born in 1976).

Jochen Kienzle has set himself the goal of investigating even marginalized and quasi-forgotten or little known positions and putting them up for discussion. In this respect this event is logical and: different.

Curated by Daniel Kletke. A publication accompanies “Show 2.” It appears as a large poster, presented as hardcover bound leporello with images and German / English texts. Available at Kienzle Art Foundation.

Eine Wand

Industrial felt sewn on stretcher panels mounted on armature in gallery space 240x548x16cm (corpus) 2010

A commissioned artwork for Kienzle Art Foundation willing to dim the street outside the gallery’s large shop window front – simply I decided to do just a little bit more.

A partition wall, a pictorial structure, a …

The tightly sewn and stretched industrial felt mounted on a wooden support and installed in the exhibition rooms in such a way that it completely alters the viewer’s spatial perception. The gallery spaces are expanded in several ways: enlarged through merging, increased in numbers, and detached from the architecture of the building, thus transformed to an experiential space.

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Hof has been a room at Bielefelder Kunstverein in 2009. I conceived it for the duration of one exhibition upon an invitation by Thomas Thiel. The temporary and specific installation was built up of the works Wappen and Schlitten as of chosen examples from the Artothek des Bielefelder Kunstvereins. This pretty representative picture-lending library – founded in 1978 – consists of multiple artworks, mainly prints. It was practically out of use at that time – due to local loss of interest. This then changed.

installation at Bielefelder Kunstverein  2009

felt sewn on stretcher  200 x 200 cm  2008

used laths and several framed pictures  90 x 240 x 65 cm  2009

From the Artothek des Bielefelder Kunstvereins: Horst Antes, Joseph Beuys, Felix Droese, Franz Eggenschwiler, Günther Förg, Günter Fruhtrunk, Dan Graham, Wenzel Hablik, Otto Herbert Hajek, Erwin Heerich, Thomas Huber, Horst Janssen, Gustav Kluge, Kurt Kranz, Vlado Kristl, Kaspar Thomas Lenk, Richard Lindner, El Lissitzky, Dieter Lott, Heinz Mack, Willy Maywald, Heiner Meyer, Lowell Nesbitt, Anna Oppermann, Petit Frère, Rainer Pöhlitz, Bernhard Prinz, Man Ray, Gerhard Richter, Alexander Rodtschenko, Dieter Roth, Sarah Schumann, Almir da Silva Mavignier, Elmar Stobinski, Georg Tappert, André Thomkins, Timm Ulrichs, Stefan Wewerka